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[Band] J-Indo from ‘DREAM CATCHER’

DREAM CATCHER “we are here to take over the stage!” Sejarah Berawal dari Band SMP, yang bernama Violet, Yang Beranggotakan Arga, Iqbal, wahyu dan reswin, karena keisengan mencoba alat-alat band yang sudah ada sejak lama dirumah arga, anak-anak kelas satu SMP ini akhirnya berkeinginan untuk menjadi populer disekolah dengan menjadi “ANAK BAND”, karena keisengan itu pula, akhirnya berbuahlah keseriusan yang menghasilkan prestasi di awal perjalanannya. Ketika SMA, salah satu anggota akhirnya mengajak anggota baru yaitu Yasifan Febrian sebagai keyboardist, bersama Arga, yang saat itu bermain bass, akhirnya, mengajak Agus sebagai gitaris, Bersama Soni dan dede, dan akhirnya dinamakan EASI...

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[Band] Profile Silhouette from the Skylit, Indie Rock Band Japan

Silhouette from the skylit is a 4 piece indie rock band based in Tokyo Japan. Formed at 2007 under the name “Knights of the round” and begin to walk in our path to be professional at 2008 after changed name into SFTS as we know now. And so officially Silhouette from the skylit was formed in Fukuoka at the end of 2008. Around that time Tetsurow joint & we released our demo with 4 song “Expected answer” . Since it was first founded, members keep changing. Seshirox is the only original member and also the founder. Drummer Kou at...

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[Band] ‘Septaluck’ Profile, Japanese Pop-Rock Band!

Biography In Nov 2012, fin,chu, and Junichi Uchino started the band Septaluck. Then, they brought suppourt guitarlist into the band, and had their first show at Shinjuku “ACB” That show was all sold out. In May 2013, Gt-USSY,and Gt-KAT joined the band as a formal member. They went to USA to record their first Full Album. (Kevin(Vo) from Quietdrive produced their Album) So far, They have had a show with BUZZ THE BEARS, FACT, POP DISASTER, SECRET 7 LINE, AIR SWELL, SWANKY DANK, JAWEYE, also Quietdrive, and Cash Cash from USA. It took only a year to done these...

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[Band] “Lost Vector” Profile, Band from Japan!

Biography Lost Vector were formed in Tokyo in April 2009 around Tetsu Vo. and Dr. Lovinson, friends from youth. Their music, characterized by the power of the guitars, they define a mix between emo sound, heavy and metal, speak of the world view, loneliness of modern society in which the clean vocals scream! With a melody full of melancholy. But with the new album “Eclipse” (2013/07/06) have managed to increase their quality, more frenetic and electrifying rhythms, a mix betwen the old and new Lost Vector sound. Since the beginning Lost Vector has always been a unit of 5...

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[Band] LOKA Band

LOKA is an Alternative Hard Rock band based out of Tokyo/Japan. But they’re music do not sound “Japanese”, if you listen to they’re music you’ll find the music back bone to be more American Hard Rock. Also combined with raging synthesizer and digital drum beats, they’re music do not stop only at live houses but spread to the club music scene. LOKA first makes they’re appearance on June 9th 2012. At that time, only the singer Kihiro and drummer KEN’ICHI were the official members, and bass, guitar players were formed by support members. On August 8th, LOKA releases they’re...

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