Septaluck Band

Junichi Uchino – chu – fin – USSY – KAT (L-R)


In Nov 2012, fin,chu, and Junichi Uchino started the band Septaluck. Then, they brought suppourt guitarlist into the band, and had their first show at Shinjuku “ACB” That show was all sold out. In May 2013, Gt-USSY,and Gt-KAT joined the band as a formal member. They went to USA to record their first Full Album. (Kevin(Vo) from Quietdrive produced their Album)

So far, They have had a show with BUZZ THE BEARS, FACT, POP DISASTER, SECRET 7 LINE, AIR SWELL, SWANKY DANK, JAWEYE, also Quietdrive, and Cash Cash from USA. It took only a year to done these all experience since they started Septaluck.

Their first album “Pieaces of The Puzzle” is out 15 January 2014. After this release, They are going to tour in Japan over three months. You all should check out there world standard sound quality! You’ll be knocked out with fin’s beautiful voice and their crazy live performance. I’m pretty sure this is the sound you’ve been looking for.


fin (Vocal)
USSY (Guitar)
KAT (Gutar)
chu (Bass)
Junichi Uchino (Drum)


Septaluck Album - Pieces of The Puzzle

1st Album “Pieces Of The Puzzle” ON SALE 2014.01.15

1. Departure
2. Nobody Can Stop Us Anymore
3. Melody
4. Secret Base
5. Shake It Up
6. Precious Time
7. Missing Pieces
8. Time For Down
9. Dear My Friend
10. Freedom
11. Take Over
12. Tomorrow

Price: ¥2,100 (tax in) / R7R-002 RAINBOW SEVEN RECORDS

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